The Acting Agency started in 2013 specializing in talented children for TV, Film and Commercials. Knight’s Acting Agency has been created by Sarah who has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment Industry. Sarah started as a child actor and so understands the true passion of performing at a young age.

Knight’s Acting Agency is Melbourne based, but has contacts in all parts of Australia. Some of our clients work in Melbourne and Sydney. We are an exciting new Acting Agency with a smaller client list, which enables us to focus on each actor’s career in TV, Film and Commercials.

Interviews are conducted in Melbourne. Please contact Sarah on 0487308231 for more information on the next round of interviews.

Knight’s Acting Agency will only represent talent providing he/she is not registered with any other Agency.

Sarah also runs Knight’s Acting School which provides children with classes in Acting for TV/Film/Commercials and Musical Theatre. These classes help provide the training needed for auditioning and developing key skills for the industry.